Another fun email…

The hits just keep on coming! Here are another two emails I received.. one good, one angry (thats the fun one)…

From Mr. Coleman:
i h[o]pe ur happy because mike is fired. you all should be happy someone would want to coach the rams. if it were me they wouldn’t have a coach. because every time they start a good season they som how find a way to mess up every season

Um yeah, they find a way to mess up… its called listening to Martz… thank goodness thats all over….

From Medic:
I have to say i just saw your site on the news this morning. I wish I had known of this earlier. We went to the Christmas Eve game with tickets. My first and only FB game. What a dissapointment, I am not a RAMS fan but wished for them to win.
Can we get a GETRID OF LITTLE. com going please? I mean after his comments of “Well I just have not felt like playing my best and I know I have let the team and fans down.” WTH are we paying him $$ for not to play his best and chooses to play when he wants to play his best?

Plus I lost all respect for him when he killed that lady when driving drunk and getting off.

Other then that, congratd on the website.
Keep it up, Maybe you can follow his career to see if he makes the same mistakes when he goes to Oakland.

Anyone else notice that the people supporting the site seem to write more clearly, and seem a lot more rational? I’m sure thats just a coincidence… Anyway Medic, I hope you keep checking back. The blog will stil be active… as for Little, dont even get me started… until next time…

“We’ve shot it, now lets fix it!”

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