Are you Ready for Some FOOTBALL?

Ok, I know Martz is in Detroit now. But I still want to blog about the Rams (and ocassionally the football Cardinals). So I’m going to continue on with the MuckFartz Blog!

Let me just start out with a few observations… WE RAN THE BALL! Thats right folks. The first game under a new coach and Stephen Jackson gets 120+ rushing yards and we win. Who would have thought huh?

Oh, and Martz’ new offense? Put up a whopping 6 points. Good thing they ran Mooch off huh?

Also, Kurt Warner is still a stud. He threw for 300+ yards, 3 scores and NO Int. Thats right. None. So, all you Warner haters, get ready to eat your words. I’m predicting an MVP year for Warner and that the Rams are going to have some heavy competition from the birds out west (Seahawks and Cardinals).

Thats all for now but check back early and often Rams fans. And remember… Muck Fartz!

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