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Instant Classic!

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Now, if you are any kind of football fan and you WEREN’T watching the Rose Bowl tonight, you missed out. Two great teams, both of which could probably have beaten the Houston Texans, battled it out and in the end it came down to the last moments of the game. During the next couple of days you are going to read a ton of articles about the amazing performance Vince Young put up, and probably even more horrible puns on his name (Vince-anity, in Vince able etc etc).
Vince Young playing in the Rose Bowl
After vomitting, I’d like you to look a bit deeper into the statistics. Specifically look at the number of times Vince ran the ball and to which direction. Now, as many of the Martz loving emailers have pointed out, I am no football coach. BUT, I do know that when a guy beats you that many times in a row, in exactly the same way, adjustments need to be made. To be honest, I dont place the victory at Vince Young’s feet… I place the blame soley at the feet of Pete Carroll.
USC Trojan coach Pete Carroll
The adjustment wasnt made. To top it all off, Carroll killed any chance of a dramatic Leinart led last minute comeback when he burned the Trojans’ last time out on a two point conversion. What exactly were you going for there coach? Did Martz call you up and suggest that you take the TO? Are you jockying to become the next head coach of the St. Louis Rams? No? Then what the hell were you hoping to do with that TO? Just for the record, the Trojans would have been behind no matter if Texas converted or not. Also, the last time I checked, there are no two point offensive plays in football… If you were wanting to direct the troops as to what to do on the kickoff, as yourself something; is the return more important than being able to get your field goal team in the game? NO! If you had been able to use that time out later, do you think Reggie would have been able to dash left on that flip from Matt, rather than cutting out of bounds about 10 yards sooner than he would have been tackled? So in closing, yes, Vince Young did have an AMAZING game. Dont get me wrong. He ate the USC defense for dinner, and desert.
Vince Young celebrates a touchdown in UT's Rose Bowl win
I promise, you wont hear this kind of talk anywhere else. America wants another Michael Vick to root for. Vince, Vick, aww hell is close enough right? But, when all is said and done, its the little mistakes Carroll made that ended up deciding the game, not the legs of Vince Young. You heard it here first….

Another fun email…

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

The hits just keep on coming! Here are another two emails I received.. one good, one angry (thats the fun one)…

From Mr. Coleman:
i h[o]pe ur happy because mike is fired. you all should be happy someone would want to coach the rams. if it were me they wouldn’t have a coach. because every time they start a good season they som how find a way to mess up every season

Um yeah, they find a way to mess up… its called listening to Martz… thank goodness thats all over….

From Medic:
I have to say i just saw your site on the news this morning. I wish I had known of this earlier. We went to the Christmas Eve game with tickets. My first and only FB game. What a dissapointment, I am not a RAMS fan but wished for them to win.
Can we get a GETRID OF LITTLE. com going please? I mean after his comments of “Well I just have not felt like playing my best and I know I have let the team and fans down.” WTH are we paying him $$ for not to play his best and chooses to play when he wants to play his best?

Plus I lost all respect for him when he killed that lady when driving drunk and getting off.

Other then that, congratd on the website.
Keep it up, Maybe you can follow his career to see if he makes the same mistakes when he goes to Oakland.

Anyone else notice that the people supporting the site seem to write more clearly, and seem a lot more rational? I’m sure thats just a coincidence… Anyway Medic, I hope you keep checking back. The blog will stil be active… as for Little, dont even get me started… until next time…

“We’ve shot it, now lets fix it!”

Power of the Press…

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

Well, it appears that the spot on Channel 2 had a bit larger affect than I thought it would. I have been getting emails at a pretty steady pace and a few people are even wanting to sign the petition still. I havent quite figured out what to do with the site now. I think I am going to focus on the blog a bit more but I havent decided for sure yet. I would like to begin sharing with you guys a few of the funnier emails I’ve gotten. There are some classics…

From: Louis
Well, you got you wish you piece of crap! Now that Mike is gone, and you nit-picked all his callings, you should tell the Rams that you can be the next head coach. What! You can’t!? Why not? Thats right, you have NO FREEKIN’ EXP. on coaching! If you can’t take over the job, them maybe you should keep YOUR [edited] MOUTH SHUT! Maybe I will start a web site called! That way, YOU will get fired from YOUR job. How do you like that crap?

Louis, what games were you watching lately? You do know the year is not 2000 anymore right? Now our dear friend Louis is correct, I have no experience in football but hell, even I can figure out to run the ball every now and then. Dont get me wrong guys, I think Martz was an genious offensive coordinator… he just needed someone above him reigning him back in every now ant then. I think the rest of the email speaks for itself… I really wish I could be of some commfort to you Louis… I just dont have the expertise to treat your type of condition…

Oh, and just to be clear though, John Shaw… if you’re reading this… I would like to toss my hat in the ring for the job…

We’re famous!

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

Well ok, not really but I and the site were seen tonight on Channel 2 News at 9. They asked what I thought about Martz getting fired (of course I was extatic) and where I would like to see the Rams go in the future (defensive minded coach). Apparently at least a few people saw it as I have been getting more comments in lately. One fan (NickH) wants me to start up a trade Marc Bulger site. Sorry, Nick, I think Bulger needs to hang around for a while and I can only assume you were drinking or joking when you said that you would like to see Martin as our QB. I am not real sure what I am going to be doing with the site now that Martz is officially gone… I guess we’ll wait and see…


Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Let the praises ring out! Let all the people rejoice! Ding Dong the Martz is Gone the Martz is Gone the Martz is Gone. Ding Dong the Mucking Fartz is gone! This is the best news I have heard out of Rams park since we won the Superbowl. The Rams need to clean house and fire the rest of that crap staff he had assembled and start with a clean slate. We need a Defensive minded coach who can get us a great offensive coordinator. We still have the weapons to be the Greatest Show on Turf and if we had a D to match we would be this years Colts… I cant wait to see who we get…