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Weekly Picks

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Every week I’m going to present my picks and brief analysis for the NLF games on tap. So, let’s jump right in. Week 2….

  • Carolina at Minnesota(-1) – If Steve Smith plays it changes everything. I’m really surprised at the line right now… still gotta pick the Vikes. They looked solid against the ‘Skins last week.
  • Buffalo at Miami (-6.5) – Buff choked against the Pats, and Miami should have won last week. Miami covers.
  • NY Giants at Philadelphia(-3) – McNabb is back and Eli won’t be able to keep pace. If the spread were 6 I might go the other way but I think Phili will take care of business.
  • New Orleans at Green Bay(+2) – neither team showed much of anything last week. Going with the Saints as Favre will complete more passes to them than his Packers. NO wins this by 3 (and covers).
  • Houston at Indianapolis(-13.5) – the spread is huge but it needs to be bigger… Even though the Colts don’t have much of a running game, I’m taking Indy.
  • Detroit at Chicago(-8.5) – This is the ugliest of many ugly games on the ticket this weekend. The Bears get their 2nd shut out in a row…
  • Cleveland at Cincinnati(-10) – gonna be a slaughter. Droughns had only 27 yards on 11 carries against the saints last week. You can’t win games with stats like that.
  • Tampa Bay at Atlanta(-8.5) – This is a tough game to pick as Tampa Bay was a playoff team a year ago. I think Atlanta will win but Tampa will come out strong and keep it close.
  • Oakland at Baltimore(-12.5) – this is gonna be a massacre… I predict 18 sacks for the Ravens. Ok maybe not but this game is certainly going to be ugly. The only question about the spread is if Baltimore will score more than 12.5 points as Oakland is going to be shut out for the second week in a row.
  • Arizona at Seattle(-7) – Kurt Warner MVP 2006. You heard it here first.
  • St. Louis at San Francisco(+3) – Only 3 points? Are you serious? This is my stone cold lock of the week. The Rams went into Denver and shut them down. San Fran lost to a much improved Arizona Cardinals team. I don’t see how that equates to a 3 point spread but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • Tennessee at San Diego(-11.5) – LT will have 185 yds and 2 TD’s and Kerry Collins is still trying to get settled in with his new team.
  • New England at NY Jets(+6) – I think New England will continue to suffer on offense without their best (now ex) WR, Deion Branch. I think the Jets will win this game outright and any time you lay me 6 points for the home team on a close game I’ll take it.
  • Kansas City at Denver(-10.5) – No Trent Green= no good for KC. The last time Green went down we were introduced to Kurt Warner. Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen this time.
  • Washington at Dallas(-6.5) – Last week was no fluke. The ‘Boys really are bad…
  • Pittsburgh at Jacksonville(+3) – One of the best games of the week… its gonna be close through out but you should never bet against the champs.

Check back after Monday night to see how I did.

Are you Ready for Some FOOTBALL?

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Ok, I know Martz is in Detroit now. But I still want to blog about the Rams (and ocassionally the football Cardinals). So I’m going to continue on with the MuckFartz Blog!

Let me just start out with a few observations… WE RAN THE BALL! Thats right folks. The first game under a new coach and Stephen Jackson gets 120+ rushing yards and we win. Who would have thought huh?

Oh, and Martz’ new offense? Put up a whopping 6 points. Good thing they ran Mooch off huh?

Also, Kurt Warner is still a stud. He threw for 300+ yards, 3 scores and NO Int. Thats right. None. So, all you Warner haters, get ready to eat your words. I’m predicting an MVP year for Warner and that the Rams are going to have some heavy competition from the birds out west (Seahawks and Cardinals).

Thats all for now but check back early and often Rams fans. And remember… Muck Fartz!