Martz is medically cleared

December 18th, 2005

Martz has been medically cleared to coach after the first of the year. I didnt even realize the Rams were still playing football… hmm I should look into that. As far as Martz is concerned though, it looks like the Rams are going to buy him out and Martz will go on his “genious” way off to destroy some other poor team. I am excited but dont want to hold my breath. If watching Martz’s Rams taught me anything, its that defeat can always be snatched from the jaws of victory. We will celebrate when it actually becomes official.

Lack of activity

November 29th, 2005

Hey guys…
Sorry about the lack of recent activity. I had actually hoped this site was now part of history. Apparently not though… After the Rams nearly (and probably should have) lost to the Houston Texans, we find out today that Martz wants to coach again this year. NO! Did anyone notice how we had a timeout left at the end of the game to use to kick the tying field goal? I did. I liked it. I dont want Martz anywhere near this team. Not that they are going anywhere, I just want to be done with this business…

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November 11th, 2005

Well guys, if you like to see running backs bust some moves, you will want to watch this weekends’ Rams game. I fully expect Stephen Alexander to run a country mile (about 176 yards to be precise) on Sunday and our Stephen (Jackson) will probably have 100+ yards. As usually happens when the Rams and Seahawks play, it will be a high scoring game and I think the Vitt Rams will find a way to win.

November 4th, 2005

Bye weeks are so very boring….

Vitt rid of Martz!!!

October 31st, 2005

179 yards!! We all knew it could be done… we all knew Jackson had it in him if Martz would just give him the ball 25 times in a game… well Martz didn’t but Vitt did. The Rams win was Ugly but hey, it was a win. Special teams helped us rather than hurt us, we gave up 160+ yards to a gimpy Fred Taylor but still won, and Martin didnt lose us the game so I’d say well done guys.. We are now a .500 team and to be honest, I think thats quite an accomplishment at this point. This is going to have be a short one but I will post more later.

“I’ve become a distraction”

October 26th, 2005

On Monday Martz said “I have to divorce myself of this. It???s not fair to these people. I have become a distraction for them.???

On Tuesday Martz gives an interview, that appears in the national media on Wednesday (read my first entry from today for the whole story), in which he rips the team management and essentially draws a line in the sand between himself and the president of football operations. Tell me again, Mike, how this is divorcing yourself from the situation? How is this helping you be less of a distraction to the team? What you’ve done is continue to keep this story in the national press and at the forefront of people’s minds. I must admit, you’ve certainly gained a few supporters. You’ve somehow managed to portray yourself as a victim in all of this even though really, you’re the number one reason this situation exists. If this is you trying not to be a distraction… thanks but no thanks Mike.

No… really?

October 26th, 2005

As shocking as it may be to you all. Apparently Martz thinks that he cant work with Ziggy…. But, I am sure his sitting out the rest of the year has nothing to do with that. Here’s the story according to ESPN

ST. LOUIS -- A day after announcing he'd miss the rest of the season with a heart infection, St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz harshly criticized team management and said he didn't know if he could coexist with the team's president of football operations.

Jay Zygmunt, the team's second-highest ranking official, stopped a representative for Martz at the door of the coaches' booth during Sunday's game against the Saints. The representative, team director of security Dan Linza, had been trying to bring a cell phone to offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild so Martz could talk to him from his home.

Zygmunt brought Linza to team president John Shaw, who decided against having an "open phone line" in the booth.

The confrontation brought to a head once again the team's front office power struggle. Martz has long been at odds with Zygmunt and general manager Charlie Armey, and he told radio station KSLG that he didn't know whether he and Zygmunt could coexist if he returned to coach the team next year.

"That's a personal question that I'm not really prepared to answer," Martz said. "There is a lot of history there. From a business standpoint, yes. From a personal standpoint, I don't know. There have been just too many things that have happened."

Martz had been in telephone contact from his home with Fairchild before and during halftime of a 28-17 victory over the Saints.

"I was very, very angry to say the least," Martz told the radio station. "I don't understand why that happened, what the whole thought process was. And if they had an issue with that why didn't they tell me ahead of time?"

Martz said he wasn't trying to interfere, just to help a young coach.

"There are some things as a playcaller that you need to look for," Martz said. "Those are the things I try to talk to those coaches about."

Martz admitted the impasse might be partly his fault, too, the result of strong wills clashing.

"My personality, I'm not the easiest person to get along with," he said. "My whole deal is to make this a better organization. As I tell our players and our coaches, everything we do we are trying to do the right thing.

"It's hard thing to do, but it's easy to say."

The Rams (3-4) will play their third game without the 54-year-old Martz on Sunday against the Jaguars. Joe Vitt, the linebackers coach and assistant head coach, has been named interim coach for the remainder of the season.

Martz expects to coach the team next season and could return to duty as soon as January. But he said Monday that he won't interfere with the team any more this season.

"I've got to divorce myself of this," he said Monday. "I'd become a distraction for them. They need to go and do this job and use their judgment."

The organization's stance appears to be that Martz, 57-37 as head coach in six seasons counting the postseason, will not be fired.

Next year would be the final year of a three-year contract for Martz, who helped the Rams win their first Super Bowl as offensive coordinator after the 1999 season and led them to another Super Bowl in 2001.

Martz told the radio station he talked with owner Georgia Frontiere before the season and said she told him he could be the head coach "as long as you want."

Zygmunt has been working on a month-to-month basis since last season.

My favorite part of the whole thing was the line: “My personality, I’m not the easiest person to get along with” No…. really? You don’t say…..

Martz out for the Year!

October 24th, 2005

The story as told by ESPN : St. Louis Rams head coach Mike Martz will not coach the team for the rest of the season.

Medical advisors have told Martz, who is home resting and receiving treatment for a bacterial infection of the heart valve, that his condition will not allow him to return to the sidelines.

Assistant head coach Joe Vitt will continue as head coach for the balance of the 2005 season.

The story posted on : Martz Out for the Season
Monday, October 24, 2005

By Nick Wagoner
Senior Writer

Rams coach Mike Martz has been declared medically unable to coach for the remainder of the 2005 season. Martz told the Rams today that after further examination with treating physician Dr. Victoria Fraser, his illness will prevent him from performing his duties for the rest of the season.

Martz left the team and was admitted to Barnes Jewish Hospital on Sept. 30 for treatment and evaluation. Martz announced on Oct. 10 that he would be leaving the team. Interim head coach Joe Vitt will continue in his duties as the head coach for the rest of the season.

The originally scheduled 3 p.m press conference was moved back to 4:30 p.m. today.

The story according to me: Martz, pissed off that he was not allowed to call a play from home yesterday… has informed the Rams that he will stay home the rest of the year and has a note from his doctor to back up his position. Of course Martz SHOULDN’T have been allowed to make that call, but I am sure it hurt his little feelings (and probably ego) to be shown up publicly by people in the Rams organization. Now maybe this is legit and the doc said “Don’t go near the office” but it all just seems WAY to convenient.

I was RIGHT!

October 24th, 2005

This is ridiculous… Little did I know my post from last week would turn out to be prophetic. Apparently Martz tried to phone in a suggestion during the Rams surprising win on Sunday. I do find one part of this story unbelievable though. There is no way the play Martz wanted to call a running play. You know it was a passing play. Lets just establish that right now. There is no way Martz should be calling plays from home or anywhere else unless he is taking back over as head coach. If he is healthy, then get back on the sidelines or at least the booth. Dont try and undermine Vitt’s authority from behind the protection of an illness. Oh and apparently more than 60% of the people that voted on ESPN agree that Martz should not be allowed to phone in plays.

Now, since it appears that Martz is recovering and is at least healthy enough to phone in a play, can I point out the fact that Joe Vitt stuck with the run even while down by 14 points. Jackson got 20 touches for 90+ yards and the Rams won. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Fire Martz!

Oh and just as a side note, aside from the Vikings, is there a more ridiculous looking organization in football? This backstabbing, picking sides, he said/he said crap is just petty and needs to stop. The Rams need to clean house and get their crap together.

This just in…

October 21st, 2005

We have unconfirmed reports that Mike Martz phoned the team from the hospital 5 minutes into the first quarter. We have not been able to ascertain what effect this may or may not have on the St. Louis Rams being out scored 45-3 over the next two plus quarters before a meaningless Rams TD to close out the game. We at will keep you updated on this story as it develops.